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At BSO 'T Speelveld, all children are picked up at our school by means of our buses, with a logo. A central meeting point has been agreed with the children. This meeting point will be with the toddler groups. The older children can walk to this meeting point themselves. In consultation with parents, children may also come to the BSO location themselves. Parents always sign for this. When all the children are present we walk together to the buses and we go to the location of the BSO.

The children are not allowed to take me to the BSO outside of their birthday, because of the teacher-child ratio.

As soon as the children have arrived at the location, the children can hang up their coat and bag. All children start in their tribe group. These are children of the same age. They can grab some drinks and fruit is prepared for them. After this moment they are free in what they want to do and with whom.


The BSO has the canteen of football club VVHaarsteeg, this canteen is transformed by us into a children's paradise where we do everything we can to give the children a good time. The BSO is for the children free time and not an obligation. At the BSO we also have 1 whole football field with artificial grass and a playground. So we have a large outdoor area where children are given plenty of room to develop. There is always a pedagogical employee present both inside and outside for the overview of the children. The children know in which parts of the location they can and cannot come. Both inside and outside there are lofts of the BSO that contain all the playing material. You can unpack things here in consultation with your teacher. Think of board games, coloring pages, craft supplies, ping pong stuff, space scooters, balls, etc.


Activities are also organized by the teachers at the BSO, children are always free to choose whether they want to participate or not. The activities are made and hung up by the teachers, so children can already look a few weeks ahead at what activities are to come. Children can always think along with us. There is a suggestion box on the group where the children can put their own ideas for activities. We also have a children's participation council, which includes children of different ages and schools, who talk to one of the leaders about once a month. During this conversation, children can indicate their wishes / needs so that we can respond to them again.

Parents can come and pick up their child at any time. In consultation with parents, children can go home from the BSO. Here too, parents must first sign for it.


Our location is at VVHaarsteeg football association, so children can also go directly to their training from the BSO. Parents can then give their child food and training equipment. We help the children to keep track of the time, change their clothes and make the food warm for them. Our pedagogical staff guide the children to the training, it may also be that the trainer comes to pick up the children themselves.

Bekijk hier een voorbeeld van ons activiteiten programma 

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