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Our Child Center is small-scale, so you as a parent and the children always see the same faces within the child center. This creates safety and reliability. The director Suzanne Groothuis is also often present on location. You are always free to drop by. When you let us know in advance that you want to come, Suzanne makes time for you. We are happy to give you a tour.


As a parent, you regularly receive a newsletter at home with which we want to keep you informed. In the newsletter we keep you informed of the latest laws or changes that we have to implement in the child center. We also keep you informed of our VVE projects. This way you can practice activities or songs with your child and you are aware of what your child is doing here.

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We think parental participation is important and we are therefore very pleased that we have a parent council committee. We benefit greatly from this. In the parent council, parents can make their say on various topics.

The parent council represents the interests of children and parents (the customers) of KC Dikkertje Dap and BSO 't Speelveld. In practice, they help the management of KC Dikkertje Dap and BSO 't SPeelveld to prevent (or solve) problems and to make things better for children, employees, parents, the company and the environment. The parent council meets several times a year with our leaders to meet.

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If you would like to be part of our parent council, you can always email us.

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