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About us

Dear (prospective) parent, caregiver,


Welcome to child center Dikkertje Dap and BSO 't Speelveld.

Your child is your most precious asset and you want it to be in good hands. You can always rely on our childcare center and BSO. In a quiet environment we offer small-scale and home care where we take care of your child with love and where your child goes with pleasure. It is trusted, safe and professional.

We give the smallest children in the baby group the space to grow, develop, play, share and learn in peace. Your child will have its own place in a fixed group and will get to know the pedagogical staff and the other children well. From the age of 2 your child goes to the toddler group where it receives extra stimulation and guidance in preparing for primary school.

We will keep you up to date on how your child is doing on a daily basis. Your child will also be assigned a mentor. This pedagogical employee pays extra attention to the development of your child. If you have any questions or if you want to consult, you can contact her.

Due to our personal, trusted approach, the switch to the BSO is a logical step. We pick up the children from school with a bus with our logo on it, clear and recognizable.

Childcare often turns out to be cheaper financially than you think. Below the line you often pay less because the government contributes to this, in the form of childcare allowance. What you ultimately pay will depend (among other things) on your income, the number of children, the type of care (s) chosen, the number of childcare hours and the working hours of the least working parent.

For more information, visit

You will receive all the information you need. But if you have any questions, you can make an appointment for a tour and introductory meeting. Then you can come and taste the atmosphere and we can answer all your personal questions.


You can of course also ask questions by phone or email.



Children's center Dikkertje Dap

Suzanne Groothuis (Director)

Tel 073-5112179

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