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Early childhood education

Kindercentrum Dikkertje Dap is a recognized ECE (Early childhood education) location and works with the program called Piramide.

ECE gives pedagogical employees the opportunity to support children. This is done on the basis of the Pyramid method used within our children's center.

Pyramid is built around topics that match the young child's experience, such as people, parties, seasons and traffic, and are also appropriate for the age and development of the children. Attention is paid to all development areas.

When you enter our children's center, you will see an attractive space that is clearly arranged in various play corners. There are drawings and works of art by the children on the walls. There is an attractive theme table or cupboard, where you can discover everything. Day rhythm cards are hanging on the wall. This is no coincidence; we work with Pyramid.

With this program, children receive extra support in language and play development.


We have a partnership with De Lambertusschool primary school. This primary school, as well as many other primary schools in the municipality of Heusden, work with the same program that continues in groups 1 and 2. This means that there is a continuous line, which facilitates the transition from Dikkertje Dap to group 1.

ECE is offered for at least 10 hours a week.

Special support

For children who need extra support to join the group, our children's center offers the opportunity to come for several half-days (extra) and in particular to increase their language (math) skills. These skills are enhanced through additional guidance and the Pyramid program offered, possibly supplemented with parenting support for parents. This means that these children receive extra attention and exercise in addition to the group activities.

Children who easily pick up information and like to experiment are also supported with Pyramid. Because pyramid works according to four fixed steps: Orientation, Demonstration, Broadening and Deepening. This means that every topic that is discussed is explored further and further.

Our pedagogical employees are all ECE certified. They have followed a training in which skills have been mastered in order to guide the children as optimally as possible. they ensure that every theme lives in the group. they plan activities, work out everything accurately and evaluate it.

For more information about ECE, please read the documents below. Of course you can always contact us with any questions.

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