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Welcome to the website of BSO 't Speelveld


Children from 4 to 12 years old are cared for in a homely atmosphere outside school hours. We encourage the children to play and / or play sports outside as much as possible. Craft activities are also offered every day for the children who want to be creative.


During the holidays we are open all day from 7.30 am to 6.00 pm. There is always a holiday program where we visit many playgrounds, amusement parks, zoos and forests with the BSO bus. Parents can register here. No extra contribution is requested for the trips!


Our BSO is located at the VVHaarsteeg football association. We have the canteen and 1 football field at our disposal. The football field is widely used by the children, here they can practice all kinds of sports and football parties can be undertaken. We also give the children of the BSO the space to eat something and to change for their training. We are happy to help them with that. Parents can give the children food that we make warm for them, so the children and parents do not have to rush home, but the children can immediately go to training. The youngest children can be brought to training by a teacher, sometimes it is also agreed with the trainers that they come to pick up the children in the canteen at our place. For an impression of our BSO please take a look at the photos.

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For further information you can always call 06 51 48 62 72 or email

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