For the primary school in Haarsteeg, the Lambertusschool, we also offer pre-school and mid-school care.

The children who come to preschool with us are looked after at the nursery in Haarsteeg. Here they can still play and / or tinker in the morning before going to school. There is also a BSO cupboard with BSO materials. The children can come from 07.30 and are brought to school by one of our teachers around 08.15 so that they are here at 08.30.


Parents can choose from two different forms of in-school care. We offer the remaining, but we also offer the Lunch Club.

Children who remain are divided into the lower and upper classes. So we use two different rooms.

Children who remain with us bring their own food and drink from home, they can eat it in these rooms. After they are done, they can use an indoor space for crafts or they can choose to play outside. The remainder is done by volunteers. However, there is always a BSO leader of ours around and she is the coordinator of the stay.


Children who come to the lunch club are picked up at school by a BSO teacher. She is at the meeting point and then takes the children to the Steeg in Haarsteeg, this is within walking distance of the school. Our leader sets the table here. Children do not have to bring their own food and drinks, but get this from us. The Lunch Club is often a somewhat smaller group of people when they are left over. After dinner, children are given the choice of coloring or they can use the ballroom to play. The children are brought back to school after lunch.



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